hi friends.

this is my blog about electronic music: discoveries, sensory journeys, inspiring artists, and creative and critical reflections.

my goal is to share what i discover as i learn about different aspects of the electronic and experimental world. i hope to reflect my love for electronic music and celebrate the pioneering artists behind it. my focus will be mainly on womxn, reflecting my position as a feminist and my desire to support equal gender representation in a heavily male-dominated sector.

by bringing together my passion for language, poetry, experimentation, and music, i want to share how i experience sound and synaesthesia.

i’m keen to plunge into some deep thinking about music, memory, and emotion.

finally, i am challenging myself to research and learn more about aspects of the music industry, music history, womxn’s representation, and the people whose hard work continues to break new ground.

thanks for joining me on the learning curve. i hope you enjoy the trip!


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